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Alert Juneau Tax Division Office Mailing Address Update 

All mail sent to the Tax Division office in Juneau through the U.S. Postal Service must be addressed to P.O. Box 110420, Juneau, AK 99811. Beginning Oct. 1, the Post Office will not deliver mail to the division’s Willoughby Avenue address, and the mail will be returned to the sender. In those cases, tax returns and payments may miss their filing deadline. This change does not affect the Anchorage Tax Division office.

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Marijuana Tax
2017 Annual Report

Marijuana Tax Reports

AS 43.61


Alaska levies a tax on the marijuana sold in Alaska. Ballot Measure 2, the act to tax and regulate the production, sale, and use of marijuana, was passed Nov. 4, 2014. The Alaska Department of Revenue’s Tax Division collects the marijuana tax from licensed marijuana cultivation facilities.

The Marijuana Tax is imposed when marijuana is sold or transferred from a marijuana cultivation facility to a retail marijuana store or marijuana product manufacturing facility.


The tax is $50 an ounce of marijuana bud and flower. The remainder of the plant is taxed at $15 an ounce.


Taxpayers are required to both file electronic returns through Revenue Online, and pay the marijuana tax monthly. Returns and payments are due on or before the last day of the calendar month following the month when the marijuana sales or transfers took place.

Disposition of Revenue

The Department of Revenue deposits all revenue from the marijuana tax into the General Fund. Within the General Fund, a Recidivism Reduction Fund was established and the Department of Administration separately accounts for 50% of the tax collected and deposits it into the Recidivism Reduction Fund.


2014 – Ballot Measure 2, the act to tax and regulate the production, sale, and use of marijuana, was passed on Nov. 4, 2014. Pursuant to the ballot measure, Alaska will levy a tax on the marijuana sold in Alaska.

2016 – The Legislature passed Senate Bill 91, a comprehensive criminal reform bill, which included a provision that diverted half of the state's marijuana excise taxes to programs aimed at reducing repeat criminal offenders, under a newly created Recidivism Reduction Fund.

Data with additional years.

  Collections Summary

Fiscal Year

2017 2016

   Recidivism Fund


   Total Tax



   General Fund



Fiscal Year


   Bud or flower sold or transferred


   Trim or other parts of plant sold or transferred


  Filing Information

Fiscal Year


   Number of Returns


   Number of Taxpayers


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