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Annual Report Information

In March of 2013, the Department of Revenue, Tax Division, began a three-year effort to replace outdated systems with one integrated Tax Revenue Management System (TRMS). There will be many benefits of TRMS realized by both taxpayers and the State. Those benefits include: a new web interface, Revenue Online, which will allow taxpayers to apply for licenses, file and pay taxes, upload documents, correspond with the Tax Division, and view tax accounts and balances online.

Features include:

  • File a tax return
  • Amend a tax return
  • Apply for a license and pay license fees
  • Upload necessary files to complete returns
  • Request an appeal
  • Submit and schedule payments for tax liabilities or estimated taxes
  • Manage multiple online account access and security
  • View current account balances
  • Correspond quickly and securely with Tax Division personnel
  • View correspondence with the Tax Division
  • Update account information (address, phone numbers, etc.)

Rollout Schedule

Revenue Online will be implemented in three separate rollouts. All tax types will be fully implemented at the end of 2016. For more information about the rollout schedule, please click on the tabs below.

Rollout 1Rollout 2Rollout 3Key DatesFAQs
The below tax types are included in Rollout 3 of the TRMS proejct:

  • Oil & Gas Property Tax – Scheduled to go-live October 12, 2015
  • The following tax programs are scheduled to go-live February 22, 2016:
  • Charitable Gaming Tax & Licensing
  • Electric Cooperative Tax
  • Telephone Cooperative Tax
  • Regulatory Cost Remittances
  • Fisheries Business Tax & Licensing
  • Fishery Resource Landing Tax
  • Seafood Marketing Assessment
  • Salmon Enhancement Tax
  • Regional Seafood Development Tax
  • Dive Fishery Management Assessment
  • Salmon Price Reports
  • Common Property Fishery Assessment
  • Marijuana Tax

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Revenue Online Help Desk
Janis D Hales
907-269-6627 - Anchorage

Revenue Online Help Desk
Jamie K Taylor
907-269-0041 - Anchorage