Alert Welcome to the wonderful world of electronic filing! Revenue Online is going to make filing returns an easy, more accurate and paperless process. This new online service allows users to check their accounts, make payments and file license/permit applications.

The Alaska Department of Revenue, Tax Division is currently working on adding online taxpayer service for the following Tax Programs:
  • Oil & Gas Property Tax
  • Fisheries related Taxes and Licenses
  • Charitable Gaming Taxes and Licenses
  • Marijuana Taxes

All other tax programs are actively using the AK DOR Revenue Online system.

Please check the TRMS page on the Tax Division's website frequently for additional announcements.

Fisheries Related Taxes

Note: The Tax Division is offering users an interactive option to some of the forms provided on this page. This means that you may either print a blank form to fill out manually, or you may enter your data directly onto the form and then print the completed form to sign and send to the Tax Division. As interactive forms become available, they will be posted to this page.

Forms that are interactive will have the (Fill-in Form) designation next to the form number. Before using the interactive forms, please review the instructions.

Please note: Excel files will fail to show up in some versions of Google Chrome.

 Form Number Title Revision Date Document Type
Fisheries Business Tax
574 Fisheries Business Tax Return (Rev 1/15) PDF Link
574i Fisheries Business Tax Return Instructions (Rev 1/15) PDF Link
570lc Processing Locations Maps and Directory (Rev 10/12) PDF Link
575 Salmon or Herring Product Development Credit Pre-qualification Form Fill In (Rev 8/14) PDF Link
597 Estimated Tax Payment Voucher (Rev 4/13) PDF Link
Seafood Marketing Assessment
578 Alaska Seafood Marketing Assessment Form (Rev 1/15) PDF Link
Salmon Enhancement
566 Salmon Enhancement Tax (SET) Return Fill In (Rev 6/13) PDF Link
566i Salmon Enhancement Tax (SET) Return Instructions (Rev 3/13) PDF Link
571 Buyers Annual Report Form Fill In (Rev 2/14) PDF Link
571i Alaska Salmon Enhancement Tax Buyers Annual Report Instructions (Rev 11/12) PDF Link
Regional Seafood Development
582 Regional Seafood Development Tax Return Fill In (Rev 9/13) PDF Link
582i Regional Seafood Development Tax Return Instructions (Rev 12/13) PDF Link
Dive Fishery Management
580 Dive Fishery Management Assessment Form  Fill In (Rev 12/13) PDF Link
580i Dive Fishery Management Assessment Form Instructions (Rev 12/13) PDF Link
Fishery Resource Landing Tax
680 Fishery Resource Landing Tax Return (Rev 1/15) PDF Link
680i Fishery Resource Landing Tax Return Instructions (Rev 1/15) PDF Link
688 Fishery Resource Landing Tax Request for Notice of Value Fill In (Rev 12/12) PDF Link
570lc Landing Location Code Maps and Directory (Rev 10/02) PDF Link
681 CDQ Credit Application  Fill In (Rev 3/13) PDF Link
683 2013 Statewide Average Crab Price List (Rev 5/12) PDF Link
684 2013 Statewide Average Price List (Rev 5/12) PDF Link
597 Estimated Tax Payment Voucher (Rev 4/13) PDF Link
689 Alaska Fishery Resource Landing Tax Return Quarterly Payment Method Election Form Fill In (Rev 1/15) PDF Link
Alaska Salmon Report
560 Alaska Salmon Price Report Fill In (Rev 5/13) PDF Link
560i Alaska Salmon Price Report Instructions (Rev 4/13) PDF Link
560.1 Alaska Salmon Price Adjustment Report Form Fill In (Rev 6/12) PDF Link
560.1i Alaska Salmon Price Adjustment Report Form Instructions (Rev 4/13) PDF Link
561 Annual Alaska Salmon Production Report Fill In (Rev 12/14) PDF Link
561i Annual Alaska Salmon Production Report Instructions (Rev 12/14) PDF Link
Common Property Fishery Assessment
589 2014 Common Property Fishery Return Fill In (Rev 9/14) PDF Link

Previous Years' Forms

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