Welcome to the wonderful world of electronic filing! Effective January 20, 2015, the Alaska Department of Revenue, Tax Division is adding online taxpayer service for Oil and Gas Production Tax to the AK DOR Revenue Online. This additional program now joins the following online tax programs: Alcoholic Beverage Tax, Cigarette and Tobacco Tax, Commercial Vessel Passenger Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Corporate Oil and Gas Income Tax, Large Passenger Vessel Gambling Tax, Mining License Tax, Motor Fuel Tax, Tire Fee, and Vehicle Rental Tax. Revenue Online is going to make filing returns an easy, more accurate and paperless process. This new online service allows users to check their accounts, make payments and file license/permit applications. Revenue Online will be adding additional tax programs to this online service in the near future. Please check the TRMS page on the Tax Division's website frequently for additional announcements and when this new service will be available for your tax program.

Important Announcement:
Revenue Online will not be available starting Saturday, January 17, 2015 at 12:01 am until 2:00 am AKST due to scheduled maintenance. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Motor Fuel Tax

Note: The Tax Division is offering users an interactive option to some of the forms provided on this page. This means that you may either print a blank form to fill out manually, or you may enter your data directly onto the form and then print the completed form to sign and send to the Tax Division. As interactive forms become available, they will be posted to this page.

Forms that are interactive will have the (Fill-in Form) designation next to the form number. Before using the interactive forms, please review the instructions.

Please note: Excel files will fail to show up in some versions of Google Chrome.

 Form Number Title Revision Date Document Type
 Qualified Motor Fuel Dealer License Application
407 Qualified Motor Fuel Dealer License Application (Rev 8/13) PDF Link
 Qualified Dealer Bond
409 Qualified Dealer Bond Fill In (Rev 3/10) PDF Link
 Certificate of Use
538 Certificate of Use Fill In (Rev 9/12) PDF Link
 Election to Defer Tax
539 Election to Defer Tax (Rev 7/12) PDF Link
 Claim for Refund Template
544 Claim for Refund Template  Fill In (Rev 4/01) Excel Link
 Motor Fuel Tax Return-Diesel
530 Motor Fuel Tax Return-Diesel Fill In (Rev 1/14) PDF Link
 Motor Fuel Tax Return-Gasoline
531 Motor Fuel Tax Return-Gasoline Fill In (Rev 1/14) PDF Link
 Motor Fuel Tax Return-Aviation Fuel
532 Motor Fuel Tax Return-Aviation Fuel Fill In (Rev 1/14) PDF Link
 Motor Fuel Tax Return-Gasohol
533 Motor Fuel Tax Return-Gasohol (Rev 1/14) PDF Link

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