Welcome to the wonderful world of electronic filing! Effective April 28, 2014, the Alaska Department of Revenue, Tax Division introduced a new website for online taxpayer services for the following tax programs: Alcoholic Beverage Tax, Cigarette and Tobacco Tax, Commercial Vessel Passenger Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Corporate Oil and Gas Income Tax, Large Passenger Vessel Gambling Tax, Mining License Tax, Motor Fuel Tax, Tire Fee, and Vehicle Rental Tax. AK DOR- Revenue Online is going to make filing returns an easy, more accurate and paperless process. This new online service allows users to check their accounts, make payments and file license/permit applications. Revenue Online will be adding additional tax programs to this online service in the near future. Please check the TRMS page on the Tax Division website frequently for additional announcements and when this new service will be available for your tax program.

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Chief Economist- AnchorageJohn Tichotsky907-269-8902
Chief of Operations- JuneauAnna Kim907-465-4773 *

Alcoholic Beverages Tax (Licensing & Bonding) Linda Y McDonald907-269-1012
Alcoholic Beverages Tax (Technical Questions)Rebecca S Nyburg907-269-8590
Alcoholic Beverages Tax (Filing & Processing)Linda Y McDonald907-269-1012
AppealsHollie A Kovach907-269-6640
Audit (Income)Robynn J Wilson907-269-6634
Audit (Excise)Emily M Whiteside907-269-3979
Audit (Fisheries Business)Receptionist907-465-2320
Cigarette and Tobacco Tax (Licensing & Bonding)Debbie A Brooks907-269-6924
Cigarette and Tobacco Tax (Filing & Processing)Debbie A Brooks907-269-6924
Cigarette and Tobacco Tax (Technical Questions)Barry T Grafel907-269-3952
Internet Cigarette Sales (General)Barry T Grafel907-269-3952
Internet Cigarette Sales (Filing & Processing)Barry T Grafel907-269-3952
Commercial Passenger Vessel Excise Tax (Filing & Processing)Linda Y McDonald907-269-1012
Commercial Passenger Vessel Excise Tax (Technical Questions)Jonathan C Page907-269-1023
Large Passenger Vessel Gambling Tax (Technical Questions)Barry T Grafel907-269-3952
Large Passenger Vessel Gambling Tax (Filing & Processing)Linda Y McDonald907-269-1012
Corporation Income Tax (Filing & Processing)Kevin Dean907-465-3153 *
Estate Tax (Processing)Michael R Williams907-269-6632
Fisheries BusinessCharlotte A Fleming907-465-2371 *
Estate Tax (Technical)Michael R Williams907-269-6632
Gaming- Juneau InquiriesJuneau Front Desk907-465-2320 *
Gaming- Anchorage InquiriesAnchorage Front Desk907-269-6620
Mining License Tax (Filing, Licensing & Processing)Cecilia M Torres Blanco907-269-1017
Mining License Tax (Technical Questions)Jonathan C Page907-269-1023
Motor Fuel Tax (Qualified Dealer License & Bonding)Sarah D White907-269-6948
Motor Fuel Tax (Technical Questions)Barry T Grafel907-269-3952
Motor Fuel Tax (Filing & Processing)Sarah D White907-269-6948
Other Tax/ Regulatory Programs (Processing)Abigail L Scott907-465-3776 *
Oil & Gas Production Tax (Audit)Jennifer L Mainor907-269-1041
Oil and Gas Production Tax (Credits)Destin M Greeley907-269-6642
Oil & Gas Production Tax (Processing)Ireen G Rodriguez907-269-1037
Property Tax (Oil and Gas)James H Greeley Jr.907-269-1029
Regulatory Cost ChargesAbigail L Scott907-465-3776 *
Tire Fee (Filing & Processing)Linda Y McDonald907-269-1012
Tire Fee (Technical Questions)Receptionist907-465-2320
Vehicle Rental Tax (Filing & Processing)Cecilia M Torres Blanco907-269-1017
Vehicle Rental Tax (Technical Questions)Jonathan C Page907-269-1023

CollectionsHarry W Thompson907-465-2385 *
Shared TaxesBryan D King907-465-2321 *
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