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Anchorage Office Juneau Office
550 W 7th Ave Ste 500 333 W Willoughby Ave 11 Fl Side B
Anchorage AK 99501-3555 PO Box 110420
Voice: 907.269.6620 Juneau AK 99811-0420
Fax: 907.269.6644 Voice: 907.465.2320
Fax: 907.465.2375
* - denotes Juneau Office

Director - AnchorageKen Alper907-465-8221 *
Deputy Director - AnchorageBrandon S Spanos907-269-6736
Chief Economist - AnchorageJohn Tichotsky907-269-8902
Chief of Operations - JuneauAnna Kim907-465-4773 *

Alcoholic Beverages Tax (Licensing & Bonding) Linda Y McDonald907-269-1012
Alcoholic Beverages Tax (Technical Questions)Rebecca S Nyburg907-269-8590
Alcoholic Beverages Tax (Filing & Processing)Linda Y McDonald907-269-1012
AppealsHollie A Kovach907-269-6640
Audit (Income)Robynn J Wilson907-269-6634
Audit (Excise)Kelly A Mazzei907-269-1018
Audit (Fisheries Business)Michael D Kazmac907-465-4661 *
Cigarette and Tobacco Tax (Licensing & Bonding)Debbie A Brooks907-269-6924
Cigarette and Tobacco Tax (Filing & Processing)Debbie A Brooks907-269-6924
Cigarette and Tobacco Tax (Technical Questions)Anna Y Koritansky907-375-6435
Internet Cigarette Sales (General)Anna Y Koritansky907-375-6435
Internet Cigarette Sales (Filing & Processing)Anna Y Koritansky907-375-6435
Commercial Passenger Vessel Excise Tax (Filing & Processing)Linda Y McDonald907-269-1012
Commercial Passenger Vessel Excise Tax (Technical Questions)Jonathan C Page907-269-1023
Large Passenger Vessel Gambling Tax (Technical Questions)Anna Y Koritansky907-375-6435
Large Passenger Vessel Gambling Tax (Filing & Processing)Linda Y McDonald907-269-1012
Corporation Income Tax (Filing & Processing)Receptionist907-465-2320
Fisheries BusinessThereze E Tayo907-465-5125 *
Estate TaxMichael R Williams907-269-6632
Gaming- Juneau InquiriesMartha D Abel907-465-2581 *
Gaming- Anchorage InquiriesMartha D Abel907-465-2581 *
MarijuanaEmily M Walker907-269-3979
Mining License Tax (Filing, Licensing & Processing)Saletia N Hall907-269-1017
Mining License Tax (Technical Questions)Curtis M Warren907-269-1095
Motor Fuel Tax (Qualified Dealer License & Bonding)Maria K Tate907-269-6948
Motor Fuel Tax (Technical Questions)Anna Y Koritansky907-375-6435
Motor Fuel Tax (Filing & Processing)Maria K Tate907-269-6948
Other Tax/ Regulatory Programs (Processing)Pamela G Verschoor907-465-2363 *
Oil & Gas Production Tax (Audit)Jennifer L Mainor907-269-1041
Oil and Gas Production Tax (Credits)Destin M Greeley907-269-6642
Oil & Gas Production Tax (Processing)Ireen G Rodriguez907-269-1037
Property Tax (Oil and Gas)Jim H Greeley907-269-1029
Regulatory Cost ChargesPamela G Verschoor907-465-2363 *
Tire Fee (Filing & Processing)Linda Y McDonald907-269-1012
Tire Fee (Technical Questions)Benjamin M Roundy907-269-6696
Vehicle Rental Tax (Filing & Processing)Saletia N Hall907-269-1017
Vehicle Rental Tax (Technical Questions)Jonathan C Page907-269-1023

CollectionsKelli J Garcia907-465-2385 *
InvestigationsDavid E Dishman907-269-1046
Shared TaxesHeidi R Gray907-465-2321 *
Online Tax Information System (OTIS)OTIS Help Desk907-465-2320 *
Web AuthorReceptionist907-465-2320
OTIS Technical Help DeskOTIS Help Desk907-465-2320 *
Revenue Online (TRMS)Janis D Hales907-269-6627